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An open space where pristine nature manifests in myriads of enchanting ways in all it's splendid colors without inhibitions. A space where it's hard to differentiate between human beings living and birds nesting. Where the natural balance is sacred and abundance a by-product.

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Mutual Nourishment is relationship. We work with nature in a nourishing way, we are nourished in return. Each initiative supports another and all initiatives together become a launch pad for something new. Once we could ensure abundance of water at Barkheda, forest cover and organic farming evolved. Bio-diversity increased by leaps and bounds. This eco-system supports livelihoods with small eco-footprints and beholds the possibility of a beautiful life.

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Nature knows how to heal itself, how to maintain her own balance. However if one can work along with nature understanding natural laws, the healing process, the thriving process can be made more effective.

Our organic farming involves understanding nature through close & minute observation and learning through the feedbacks that nature offers us & doing what is ought to be done. Trees, weeds, birds, bees, insects, cows & earthworms guided us, greatly improving soil through composting, vermi-composting, green manuring, mulching & crop rotation. It helped us grow enough chemical free greens & grains for all resident families and even sell the surplus.

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Pure and

Sharing begins with abundance. Nature bestows us with abundance when we work in principle with nature. This surplus is shared with our extended friends and family which also supports farmer families at Sumiran gain independence. Taste of shared organic surplus healed people & developed trust to emerge as Pure & Green – your health is our livelihood.

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Free Life

A healthy bout of pure air, mineral rich water, exposure to abundant sunlight, farm fresh organic food and natural workout on the farms gave us some memorable insights about ailment free, it whispered in our ears that we have only one disease – Nature Deficit Disorder. It also gave us insights on how mind, body and spirit strike a balance for inner peace & joy. We share this perspective as a organized course called MFL.

Nature heals. As we move away from nature, we feel the pain which is just a motherly reminder of nature to come back to her lap. Medicine free life is a life that embraces natural laws and natural rhythms.

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Learning in its deeper sense is the very pulse of life. Everything and everyone is learning every moment. If we can understand the deeper nuances of the learning process in nature, we may be able to support in flowering of young buds. It takes a village to raise a child. Barkheda is such with SUMIRAN as software.

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Eco - tourism

Leisure is always partial unless it rests in lap of nature. In a vibrant space full of vital energies, our heart lightens and body rejuvenates. Beatles, birds and butterflies sing & dance endlessly throughout the day & stars talk to you in dark noiseless nights. The divine silence of forest & tranquility of lake recuperates you totally. Adventure of a trek with a tiger also trekking along is a great thrill.

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Nature’s open secret for maintaining eternal fertility has been the beautiful interdependence and relationship of plants and animals. Gaushala thus was an obvious next step & cow - a great secret by itself. Today, Gaushala is not only strengthening our farmlands but also provides us with precious dairy food. Gauseva & Panchgavya from desi Indian breeds - a panacea of all ills.

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Life dawns, when five elements strike harmony. To sustain life, water is indispensable. When we started it was water-water everywhere not a drop to drink. Thus, working with water was our first step at Sumiran. Today there is abundance even in a drought year. Not even a single drop of rain flows outside Barkheda.

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Nature supports abundance and uniqueness. In the infinite web of interdependence, each species is equally important. From tiny blade of grass to the high flying eagles, everyone has a place that no-one else can take. If anyone falls, everyone shivers. With abundance of water, safe & organic ambience bio-diversity increased here by leaps and bounds. Massive natural regeneration is the order today. From butterflies to big cats, everyone has found a safe haven. Sacred forest is manifesting.

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