Rainforest Concern



A dreamer and an optimist, this man is stuffed with hopes. His life’s journey to the top of corporate ladder has kept him rooted in rich, diverse experience and reality and yet his imagination challenges the possible. With a heart that’s ardent supporter of collective action and eyes which can see value in the most difficult situation and person, he is working relentlessly yet effortlessly with farming community at Barkheda to move one step at a time towards realizing and shaping vision of Sumiran.


A researcher by education, now a farmer by choice. Kunal decided to turn away from the American dream after his doctorate, to spend more time with nature and work with local communities. A passionate learner with a head that hosts razor sharp intellect, he is now exploring what it means to work with hand and heart. He now spends most of his time face to face with vegetables & fruits and is driving Pure and Green initiative working with farmers at Sumiran.


A man who has spent most of his life with land and crops, an award winning organic farmer from nearby village is perhaps the best suited brand ambassador for Sumiran. With diverse skill sets, he takes care of ground level implementation of farming & infrastructural activities at Barkheda and is instrumental in shaping the true dream of Sumiran.


Like the thread that binds the beads of a necklace, He is the one who binds all the beads of Sumiran together and yet remains invisible. He spends his weekdays as a high ranked bureaucrat while the weekend with children, birds and plants at Barkheda. His exceptional expertise in diverse areas like water, farming, learning, healing, biodiversity, ecology etc. makes him the undeclared yet official mentor at Sumiran.


While all men are making plans to take off to the sky, she smilingly ensures we don’t fall off the ground. A doctor by profession; mother to two boys and one space - Sumiran. She takes care of everyday pragmatic side of the story at Barkheda especially Pure and Green, health, school etc. She is working on healing with MFL team to create a holistic healing programme at Sumiran.


Engineer by education, walk out by choice - Shashi is now exploring his new life working with organic farming and alternative learning. He is working on creating a food forest on his ancestral farm and is a long associate of Sumiran. He is part of extended Barkheda family and is instrumental in giving us an external unbiased perspective on activities at Sumiran.


A young man with a bold vision! An innovator by trade and naturalist at heart, he brought together the local farmer community with the singular aim of powering prosperity. His passion for technology and acumen for business guides the Pure & Green initiative. He has been instrumental in giving a creative direction to Sumiran despite thousands of miles of distance.